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15.03.2014 - Romania. Supportive training on antidiscrimination campaigns

15.03.2014-RO Supportive trainingFor this supportive training, we had a special guest, Delia Nita – expert on the field of antidiscrimination, who has presented us the antidiscrimination campaigns. We found out what a convincing and well done campaign needs to contain. The first point of our campaign consists in identifying the problem, which helps us to achieve it in the best conditions.

The second point that we should follow is to analyze the problem. This thing will show us the right way as we are well informed. A very important issue of the campaign is to define the aim and the objectives. The aim defines the ideal situation you want to reach in a general way, and the objectives define- in a concrete way- what is going to be achieved after implementing the activities.

Moreover, we have to take into consideration establishing who the relevant actors are, according to power and influence. All relevant actors can become, in a different way, targets of the campaign, and they can also become partners of the campaign. After we have worked all these issues for a while, we will have to establish the action plan, the campaign implementation and last but not least, campaign monitoring and evaluation in order to have a feedback about our campaign efficiency. This presentation has made us more conscious about the importance of the structure that our antidiscrimination campaign should have.

Author: Stefi V., Volunteer Youth is Tolerance RO