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22.05.2014 - Romania. International Day of Cultural Diversity

22.05.2014-romania-int-day-cult-div-1Today, 21 st may  2014 the volunteers of Antidiscrimination Club Youth is Tolerance EO gathered inside of Sociology and Social Work Faculty in order to celebrate the international day of cultural diversity and also to emphasize the importance of tolerance regarding the cultural diversity .

Due to this occasion the volunteers have made up plenty of materials including banners that have the goal to let the others write sincerely what they believe about this topic. Moreover, there were specialty books given to those who were interested in the subject or just wanted to find out more about this well-known day. Nonetheless, it was used a catchy idea: all the people who wrote their beliefs have received a candy.

People were asked to share their thoughts writing on post-its and attach them into banners. The students were really opened, they had no restriction in sharing their own beliefs. It was wonderful for us to see that they appreciated what we did and were extremely excited about the topic.