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combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

12.10.2013 - Romania. Roma Pride 2013

Roma Pride event was held on 12 October 2013 in Bucharest Crangasi Park. It brought together members of Romani CRISS and young beneficiaries of the project " Youth is Tolerance- Youth is Tolerance: Combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people", project who has like goal- setting and testing a comprehensive model of combating discrimination and anti - Roma stereotypes in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary among young people aged between 14-25 years using methods of " peer education " to form and involve young Roma and non- active , with a wide range of activities to combat anti -Roma stereotypes. In the project the youth will try to change the non- Roma stereotypes and attitudes towards young Roma and decrease in discriminatory practices against Roma and to improve behaviour of young people in general.

For this year, at the initiative of our young people active the action "Roma Pride" was presented as the concept of “street delivery”, so there were several stands with various workshops specifically designed Roma culture. We wanted trough our activities to make the general public to be more open to the diversity and beauty of Roma culture. We also want to achieve a direct dialogue between the public, media representatives, Roma and non-Roma and volunteers of our organization on various topics involving the Roma community (culture, language, attitude and image problems facing this minority) intended to raise awareness of the dangers involved by discrimination and prejudice. We wanted to mark this event through a contact between the Roma minority and majority in a non formal but is meant to educate in a spirit of acceptance, knowledge and appreciation of the other. Because of the unfavourable weather conditions were participate around 110 persons to our activities. The activities were:

- Stand on the “History of Roma” – where were provided information about Roma history on Romanian territory .Were developed knowledge games , offering prizes;

- Stand with “Origami” – were realized specific activities included working with colored paper, but trough the Roma style;

- “Library alive” - for this activity we had two special guests : actress Roma Mihaela Dragan and Marian Ursan- roma teacher at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work . They offered the story of their lives as they confronted discrimination outweighs issues or how they managed to become acclaimed in their fields;

- Stand with “Messages discrimination”- those interested had the opportunity to write their antidiscrimination messages on cardboard and after that they walked through the park with the cardboardin this way the youth could inviting people to their activities;

- “Painted bench shirts” – The volunteers and the guests wear shirts painted with the message " I am roma". The youth were painted the message on shirts with special sprays;

- Stand “Drawing and coloring for children” - the youngest had the opportunity to draw and color pictures referring to the Roma (Roma traditional clothing pictures, the wheel) while a young team organizator told them about the culture and traditions of Roma

- Stand “Romani CRISS” - in this stand were distributed publications and research conducted by our organization. The park visitors had the opportunity to speak to a specialist Romani CRISS on various topics related to the situation of Roma.

- Stand with “braided hair”-where young Roma and non-Roma have braided hair all those who wanted from the park while presenting the Roma culture and traditions.

- Another stand was the “Traditional Roma port”, where were exposed a few traditional Roma costumes and those interested were able to dress and photograph with them.

Pictures from the event you can find here (Soon in Gallery of the webpage too :) ):