Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance "Amalipe"

combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

23.11.2013 - Romania. International Day for Tolerance

Romania.International-day-for-tolerance-1The International Day of Tolerance in Bucharest, Romania was celebrated by the youth task force group within Youth is Tolerance Combating anti - Roma stereotypes among young people", project who has like goal- setting and testing a comprehensive model of combating discrimination and anti - Roma stereotypes in Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Hungary among young people aged between 14-25 years using methods of " peer education " to form and involve young Roma and non- active , with a wide range of activities to combat anti -Roma stereotypes.

In the project the youth will try to change the non- Roma stereotypes and attitudes towards young Roma and decrease in discriminatory practices against Roma and to improve behaviour of young people in general. The Activities were separated in two days.

With occasion of International Day of Tolerance the members of YTFG Romania were involved in the following actions:

- The first one took place on 14th of November when a seminar about forum-theatre was organized. With this occasion, a part of our youth and another group of youngers called “Youth Voice” were presented to eachother. The topics of this seminar were tolerance and anti-discrimination. In this session the youth decided to have continuity on this activity and they planned to prepare a play with the topic mentioned above. To touch this goal, a part of our club’s members will have weekly meetings. The theatre play will be ready most probably in February and it will be played in front of a large audience, in high schools.

- The second meeting was held on 23rd of November, in our club against discrimination, when the topic of tolerance was discussed and debated (what tolerance means, how can we become more tolerant). The participants were very active and all of them participated with opinions and ideas. In addition to this, they spoke about possible activities to be organized with the occasion of the exchange visit.