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combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

01.01.2014 - Romania. Testimonials

Testimonials RO YiT 1The Antidiscrimination Club started its activities in September 2013. It brought together young people from different ethnicities, from several high schools and universities. They attended the meetings and seminars dedicated to them and also got enthusiastically involved in big actions as Roma Pride or exchange visit. Below you can get to know some of their impressions related to the Club and the activities in which they have participated.




For me “Youth is Tolerance” means starting to act. It means transforming my principles into concrete actions together with beautiful people. In this way I can learn and I can teach people around me and I put my hope into a more beautiful world where all of us have something to win and can live in harmony.

(Maria, 16 years old)

For me this project means in the first place an opportunity to get involved. The way people who do not frame in a classic pattern are treated, I find it abject for a country which wants to be modern. I want to be an example for the people around me and through myself I want to start a change in the human perception. Another reason for which I joined the Club was because I wanted to know people and I had the luck to meet great people who had the same goal as me. In other words: I feel that now I am part of a super family.

(Andreea, 16 years old)

I am very happy to be part of this project. Here I met great people. I was motivated to truly fight against Roma discrimination. Contributing to our projects I share information with other people and I also learned a lot about the Roma’s suffering. The Club helped me open my horizons and be more open minded.  Now, other people’s minds remain to be opened. And our projects seem to me very useful, because they transform information into a creative shape from which you can learn new things with enjoyment.

(Theo, 16 years old)

Working on “Youth is Tolerance”, I learned a lot and I hope to teach other people also, from the experience I gained. I met many great people, devoted to what they are doing and very ambitious. Until now it was a nice experience and I hope it will remain the same, because I would like to be involved forward in anti-discrimination actions.

(Diana, 16 years old)

“Youth is Tolerance” is for many of us the beginning of a change, or the change which leads to a new beginning. More than that, the project represents for me the opportunity to change my own way of thinking, to improve my communication skills, to be aware of the facts and stop thinking that only because I close my eyes they do not exist. Furthermore, it is a chance to care, a chance to be involved in something that concerns all of us.

(Codruta, 16 years old)

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