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combating anti-Roma stereotypes among young people

15.02.2014 - Romania. Sessions about discrimination and project management

15.02.2014-romania neshto si sesii1. What is discrimination?

On February 15th Marian Mandache, the Director of Romani CRISS, discussed with the young people of YTFG Romania about human rights and discrimination from a legal point of view.

As an introduction we watched the documentary film “A Class Divided”, where a teacher from the United States does an experiment with her elementary school pupils: On one day the blue-eyed children are superior to their classmates, on the other day the roles are reversed. The children quickly adapt the teacher’s story and take on the role of oppressors and oppressed. From one day to the other, the children change their behavior, even towards their best friends. The participants watched the movie attentively and they lively discussed the question: could such an experiment work only in elementary school or also in their high schools?

As to formulate it in juridical language, in this experiment, discrimination is at stake, discrimination according to the criterion of the eye color. How to define discrimination from a juridical point of view? By using examples of different cases, Marian explained the three criteria of discrimination: the differential treatment (distinction, restriction, exclusion, preference) of persons in analogous or comparable situations, the differential treatment is based on a criterion stipulated by law (ethnicity, religion, gender and other), the differential treatment affects a right of the person.

Inspired by a participant, we discussed about the extra places for Roma in Romanian high schools and universities. Some youth told us about their experiences with these places, they weighed up the advantages against the disadvantages of these places. Marian reminded them the central question of the seminar: Is this measure discrimination or not? He explained that, from a legal perspective, this measure is no discrimination. This is only an unequal treatment which is due to the different social, political and historical situation of Roma and non-Roma.Bottom of Form

2. What is Project management?

The seminar “Project Management” had as a goal to improve the level of understanding of our member regarding the future activities/campaigns which will be done by the Club.

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We proceeded by a methodical unit. Based on our action in October, Roma Pride, we went through the several stages of planning a campaign. Roxana, the youth coordinator, asked questions and young people participated attentively.

After a brainstorming session, the young people gave a concrete example; they formulated a problem, and based on this were discussed the general objective of the campaign and the activities which may be done.